Amman to Host Third FinTech Summit in June

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 AMMAN — The Moments INNOVATION platform is scheduled to hold the third edition of the FinTech summit in the Kingdom in June, under the theme: “The future of banks and financial institutions in the age of modern technologies”.

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Roman Ruins of Jerash

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 The ruined city of Jerash is Jordan's largest and most interesting Roman site, and a major tourist drawcard. Its imposing ceremonial gates, colonnaded avenues, temples and theatres all speak to the time when this was an important imperial centre. Even the most casual fan of archaeology will enjoy a half-day at the site – but take a hat and sunscreen in the warmer months, as the exposed ruins can be very hot to explore.

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Bird Watching in Aqaba: Three-Way Partnership Adds New Attraction to Tourism Map

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 AMMAN — When Aqaba-based Ayla Oasis' planners perfected the concept of sustainability as an integral component of the mega development project, they foresaw every possible positive outcome of such integration, executives said. Except for one thing that came as a bonus, not only for the luxurious residential and commercial estate, but also for Aqaba and Jordan. 

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